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Worlds First Cloud Telematics Platform

Posted by Dale Calder

Aug 11, 2011 10:03:00 AM

Yesterday Axeda and Walsh Wireless announced an alliance for Cloud Telematics Solutions.   Quoting from this release:

“Through this collaboration, enterprises now have access to a flexible cloud platform that enables them to layer value-added applications on top of the real-time data coming from vehicles.”

In the past enterprises had two choices:

  1. Pick a pre-canned point solution that did one thing and one thing only
  2. Write a complete solution from scratch

With this announcement, Axeda and Walsh have provided a third & better choice:  A solution that combines the ease of deployment and consumption of a point solution with the flexibility and fit of a solution built from the ground up.

Today’s enterprise is a complex labyrinth of business processes.   Each business processes enables the organization to perform a key task – both reliably and at scale.   The biggest challenge for traditional telematics solutions has been plugging into that labyrinth of business processes.   With the Axeda/Walsh alliance, that challenge has now been overcome!   What was once impossible is now EASY.

In my title, I called the product of the alliance a Telematics Platform.   For me platforms make hard things easy, impossible things possible, and provide leverage throughout the entire technical solution stack.   I can’t wait to see the type and scale of solutions are enabled by this collaboration!  What are your thoughts about the possibilities?


Topics: Axeda, M2M, Telematics

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