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Thanks Jeff!

Posted by Dale Calder

Jun 5, 2009 2:53:00 PM

Jeff who?  Bezos, of course.  

Recently, I purchased an Amazon Kindle for my wife, who is one of the world's great technophobes! (seems like a common trend - techies and non-techies joining forces)

Anyway, to my surprise she loved her new gadget and within 15-minutes had mastered it.  The device never ran out of battery, it was easy to read, took almost no setup, and best of all had a library of books ready to be acquired and read without the hassle of going to the book store. She was hooked!

Now while I am sure that all of you are thrilled by my excellent gift choice, there is a moral to the story if we dig a little deeper.  Let's start by decomposing the Kindle.

When I look at a Kindle I see the following:
1) Slickly packaged device
2) Excellent web user interface
3) Seamless integration with Amazon's billing infrastructure
4) And a whole bunch of stuff that tethers the Kindle, its users, and Amazon together

Looking a little deeper at item #4, we find the ability to:
1) Register the device
2) Communicated with it wirelessly
3) Send it files
4) Upgrade it, and
5) Receive orders from it

To my wife, the technology in #4 is invisible (as it should be).  I, on the other hand, marvel at its simplicity and fully appreciate the complexity of managing millions of the assets over a large area and seamlessly integrating that capability into a global business infrastructure.

Which leads me to my primary point!   The trend of "Smart Products", products that combine a field device with a web presence is here to stay.   If the experience of this type of product can be made to win my wife over, then the approach is for sure ready for the EVERYONE!  

THE PRIMARY CHALLENGE -> managing millions of devices over many modes of communications - daunting!    Just to manage the global network operations center to deal with this volume is big and expensive.   Even the Amazon solution has holes, their network coverage only works in the US and if you are in Montana and Alaska - you are out of luck -> NO KINDLE FOR YOU.

Now to the shameless plug of the day - Axeda has been in the business for solving these types of problems for over 10-years and some of the worlds leading brands depend of us to connect them with their global deployment of assets.   Yesterday, we announced the SmartLink Platform.   The world's first and most capable platform for building "Smart Products" and for enabling "Smart Operations and Services."  (More on these topics in my next blog)   Delivered as a "Cloud Service" our telco-grade platform and infrastructure is capable of managing millions of assets, connecting them with tens of thousands users, and hundreds of business systems.   Axeda delivers an open platform that works with any communication network, any edge device or chip partner, and can communicate with any business system - all using our patented, VeriSign approved, technology.   We provide the plumbing and operation of the water plant, you add your value on top and take the money and glory.

PRODUCTS, "DELIVERED AS SERVICES" IS THE FUTURE.   Join industry leaders, such as Deloitte, IBM, and Amazon in delivering the next generation of products and services.   In a mere 10 more years, everything we touch will have a value added component to it that will enhance its utility through deliver of value added content. 

To borrow a tag line from Home Depot - You can do it - We can help!

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