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The Changing Face of Remote Service

Posted by Dale Calder

Dec 27, 2008 2:50:00 PM

2008 has been a pretty amazing year for the Remote Service industry.

In spite of, or perhaps because of, a very difficult macro-economic environment, Axeda has experienced its best year ever - with very strong new customer acquisition and growth.   I attribute this phenomenal expansion of our business to the very strong ROI remote service solutions bring to the companies that adopt them.  A strong ROI, combined with On-Demand delivery, which eases deployment, have enabled an entirely new population of companies to realize the benefits that industry leaders such as EMC and GE have enjoyed for years.

Putting a cap on a great ‘08, was Axeda's acquisition of Questra.  By combining the two remote service industry leaders, we have created a very strong, global player that will even better serve our industry.

Last Thursday, we held a conference call to discuss the Questra acquisition.   To put it mildly, we were overwhelmed with the response we received from it.   In attendance were over 100 participants.  A 10-minute presentation was followed by over 45-minutes of Q&A.  Given the extensive Q&A, I decided to utilize some of this blog space to recap some of the most popular items.   

Q:  What will be the future of the Questra software platform?
Axeda intends to support the Questra platform for the foreseeable future.   As a long-term player in this industry, we understand the mission critical nature of your remote-service platform and will do everything in our power to ensure your long-term success.   

Q:  When will your long-term technology roadmap be ready?
We will have our joint technology roadmap ready by January 9th.

Q:  What are your "design" objectives with your technology roadmap?|
Our design objectives are simple.

  1. Questra and Axeda agents will both be supported by our next generation enterprise platform
  2. We are targeting the following:
    -Database migration for all existing enterprise systems
    -SOA layer compatibility for all existing enterprise solutions

In addition, we have had many requests for SQL Server support since the close of the acquisition - this is something that we are in the process of evaluating and will have a position on January 9th.

Q:  Will my Questra agents be supported in the future?
Our customers, both on the Axeda and Questra platforms, have put significant effort in installing and validating agents in the field.  All agents will be supported in the future by our future versions of our enterprise solutions.

Q: Can I continue to purchase agents for my existing Questra implementation?
Yes.  For existing customers we will continue to support purchases of the Questra platform, including both additional agents and enterprise capabilities.

Q: Is there a specific timeframe under which I must upgrade my system?No.  We will work very closely will all parties to develop remote service program roadmaps that are appropriate for their businesses.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for a great 2008.  At Axeda, we understand that we must work very hard every day to earn the trust that you have placed in us!

Happy Holidays!  


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