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2 Billion New Voices!

Posted by Dale Calder

Feb 16, 2011 9:21:00 AM

Live from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona …

2  Billion New Voices!

I was blown away by a comment that Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, made in his keynote yesterday at Mobile World Congress.   Eric said “Over two billion new people will join the Internet in the next two years” … He went on to add (this one I’m paraphrasing) “think about the possibilities - two billion new voices that have never been part of the conversation:  What will they say?   What will they contribute?   How will the planet change through their participation?”

I found this thought amazingly exciting.  Think about it … through the mobile Internet, people living in areas without modern facilities, sewers, roads, and even schools will have the opportunity to access a world of information.   They will have an opportunity to have their voices heard.   They will be hard to ignore!  Will people rise up and change their condition …  think Egypt …  

I was traveling in India a couple of years ago and I remember seeing a young child standing in an alley - just watching the traffic go by.   The child was school age, but was not attending school.   The look on his face – hopeless…   kid

I’m excited to think that Eric’s comment could help bring a world of information to that young child.   What will that child have to say?   Could he be the next Gandhi?   The next Einstein?   A diamond in the rough just needing an opportunity to shine?

Improving the human condition - this is the real value and purpose of the Internet.   I for one – want to hear what that child has to say!


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Live from Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Spain

Posted by Dale Calder

Feb 15, 2011 12:01:00 PM

Live from Mobile World Congress … 

Topic of today’s session: “Biggest hurdle in the transition to the mobile cloud – User Trust (59%)”

OK, I am blown away by Fabrizio Capobianco, President of Funambol’s opening statement. Remember that this is a cloud forum, but, and I quote, “I will not put my baby pictures on the cloud because I don’t want someone to make money on me.” It was an ultrasound picture.

Did someone just drop me onto Mars? Do people really worry about this? Perhaps it is because many of us are in Cloud Central in the U.S. and we understand the benefits of having places to share our photos, movies, and activities with our loved ones and friends. For that value, we are willing to sacrifice some level of control on our personal activity to fund the very services that we utilize. Hmmmm…

OK, now Huawei is talking about clouds. David Bernstein is observing that we have many clouds, such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, plus many, many more. David notes that consumers want only one cloud—not many. He is drawing the analogy that having multiple clouds is equivalent to the days when CompuServe, Prodigy, and America Online were alive. The general consensus is that new protocols are needed to enable cloud interoperability. Hmmm…I’m thinking that Web Services (RESTful with JSON for you techies in the audience) is the answer to this. Wow! A lot of people are working on this problem, but is it really a problem? There are hungry people out there, guys.

OK, moving onto Microsoft and Richard Ang, CTO of the Communications Sector. Richard is talking about the cloud trends that we would be familiar with in the U.S. One phrase of his that I like is “Digital Turns Social.”  Sharing our information is only the first step. The consumption of that information by others creates a social context. Ultimately, it is the social experience that is overpowering all our other fears, particularly privacy.

OK, I’m off to Google. Stay tuned for more posts…

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