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Mobile Is Speeding Up M2M Adoption – and in Surprising Places

Posted by Bill Zujewski

Oct 26, 2012 3:10:00 PM

connectionsToday’s cellular capabilities for connecting machines creates a lot of possibilities – untethered from wired or wireless internet connections, mobile products like cars, personal health monitors, or shipping crates can get connected fast.

But surprisingly, it’s not just things that move that are going cellular. Our recent survey from Axeda Connexion 2012 found that a whopping 86 percent of M2M adopters currently support or plan to support mobile connectivity – representing all flavors of connected enterprises, including those with large, non-moving assets.

Why the massive interest in cellular? Three simple reasons:

  • M2M is global. Many areas of the world can’t provide reliable Internet access. Cellular allows organizations to expand their global footprints to remote regions.
  • Cellular is easy. As Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO of Beecham Research, points out in our new eBook, fixed line installations are labor-intensive, and require data to navigate on-site networks. Cellular connections can bypass these steps, and provide data straight into the data center.
  • Mobile is affordable. Once-prohibitive costs are rapidly falling – and organizations are jumping at the opportunity.

As everything from iPads to ATMs to entire electrical grids become ‘mobile,’ a new concern arises: what does this mobile device management (MDM) entail?

SAP’s Sanjay Poonen believes, on one hand, that the huge demand for managing and securing all the apps and content that comes with the ‘Internet of Things’ will push the industry to the mainstream. On the other hand, the tools and processes that already exist for managing mobile ‘devices’ (i.e. tablets and smartphones) can be extended to manage mobile ‘things’ – which is why SAP is investing more resources to extend the capabilities of Afaria.

SAP’s focus on mobility gives a glimpse into just how big the M2M industry will be in the coming years, how much value enterprise systems turn from machine data, and how the innovators are tapping cellular to get connected – and integrated – fast.

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