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GE’s Machine-to-Machine Initiative Reaches New Heights

Posted by Bill Zujewski

Dec 8, 2012 2:01:00 PM

Promises Real-time Integration of Machine Data from all GE Products

There are a lot of ways one might describe GE's 'Industrial Internet' vision. "Bold" is certainly one. "Inspiring" some may say -- but perhaps "Impossible" for others.  

For Axeda, it's the embodiment of the vision for our customers: innovative and transformative application of real-time product/machine data. This includes integrating machine data into their enterprise systems, mining data to improve maintenance as well as product design and delivering new innovative applications to their customers that leverage machine data.  GE is undeniably one of the best of the best in the M2M space -- that's why we awarded them the Best Product Intelligence M2Me at Connexion earlier this year.

Even as GE reinvents the many industries it touches , its initiative, as GE's Audi Lucas pointed out recently, still hinges largely on the critical primary stages of M2M: getting more machines connected, harvesting more and better product data, and continuing to brainstorm new ideas on how to use it.

In other words, as companies advance up the connected product maturity curve, they don't move away from those fundamental, base-building steps -- they become even more important to their overall success in M2M. It's not an easy undertaking -- as GE will attest -- but it fuels the business transformation we're currently seeing GE achieve.

We're incredibly excited to see GE carry the promise of M2M, and we're looking forward to continue helping them innovate and inspire their industry.

Bill Zujewski

Topics: Connected Products, GE, M2Me

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