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2013: The Emergence of the Internet of Corporate Things

Posted by Bill Zujewski

Jan 3, 2013 12:03:00 PM

A new year, a new perspective ... With all the hype around the Internet of Things in 2012 behind us, it’s time to think about what themes will emerge in 2013. One trend seems to be the acceleration of focus that corporations have on shipping connected products that include applications for end-users to better manage operational assets and equipment. I call this corporate ecosystem of connected assets the Internet of Corporate Things™. It’s the B2B subset of the Internet of Things.

Essentially the Internet of Corporate Things focuses on the management of the “things” that a corporation has to deal with. It is an approach to the management of the physical products that a company delivers to its customers and the management of a company’s corporate assets including facilities and plants, operational equipment, vehicles and goods being delivered. The Internet of Corporate Things begins with the fundamental understanding that supporting customers’ use of a company’s products requires connectivity, monitoring, remote service, usage analysis, ERP/CRM integration and value-added services that leverage connectivity and mobile devices. It also includes managing internal corporate assets and operational infrastructure which requires a deep, intuitive understanding of the complex web of interconnectivity between assets, places, people and information.

Internet of Corporate Things

The Internet of Corporate Things embraces the reality that no asset is an island. All products, devices, equipment, goods being delivered, facilities, systems, processes, workflows, and people co-existing in a connected world are interdependent. It acts like a social network, connecting information and democratizing management tasks across organizations to leverage machine data to foster unparalleled collaboration. It tears down the silos between OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology) …between customers and the enterprise. It connects equipment, facilities, vehicles and corporate assets to drive a new level of operational efficiency.

Axeda’s Role in the Internet of Corporate Things

The Internet of Corporate Things is the domain expertise at the heart of Axeda. It embodies Axeda’s expertise in managing connectivity to optimize the efficiency, agility, and availability of a company’s connected product and connected asset ecosystem. Axeda provides the technology and services to manage the Internet of Corporate Things including the administrative and management console for a company’s connected products and connected assets. It’s our unique skill set and “library of learnings” that help us drive business value quantifiably and continuously – unleashing the true potential of connected products and assets.  

Topics: remote service, CRM/ERP, Internet of Corporate Things, Asset Tracking

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