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Smart Computing For Verticals

Posted by Joe Biron

Jan 11, 2010 11:28:00 AM

There's a new Forrester report out about the next cycle of innovation, which Forrester dubs "Smart Computing". In the abstract of the report, I keyed in on an interesting statement:
the problems faced by business have very strong vertical industry dimensions, leading to much greater demand for highly verticalized IT solutions... Horizontal technologies -- which today represent about 95% of all technology purchases -- will continue to dominate the technology market... but vertical technology solutions will expand their market share to 25% or so by 2016.

Platform pedantry aside, it follows from the above statement that "smart computing" (which is probably best interpreted as a superset of M2M, ubiquitous computing, sentient computing, and next-generation Enterprise Integration), will need a horizontally applicable set of foundational technology that can be used to build vertical applications that are crafted to solve a domain problem.

We can expect to see an avalanche of generic and mediocre (generically mediocre?) track-and-trace and asset management apps to try to fill this expanding space. They will be horizontal, meaning that the vendors will try to sell it to you whether you are monitoring wind turbine output or your rental car customers. This is fine if you just want to get the lowest common denominator, generic experience. If you are looking to build an innovative, game-changing solution in your industry, you need a platform that offers a technology stack that is flexible enough to let you focus on your solution's unique value, while launching your development progress forward past the details of connectivity, workflow processing, scalability and security.

The enterprise software community is waking up to the importance of realtime data access, APIs and Web-Oriented Architectures.

2010 should be an exciting year for Axeda.

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