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Groovy Integration

Posted by Joe Biron

Sep 28, 2009 8:58:00 AM

Groovy Joints, Man

Skeletal Joints

Business applications go together like bones on a skeleton. Where they meet, we have joints. Any athlete knows that joint flexibility is important, just as any business systems integrator knows that the coupling-points - where the business systems "joint" together - needs to be as flexible as possible to embrace future change.
Today, you have your products connected to Axeda ServiceLink, and you're enjoying the remote connectivity, active alerting, and data monitoring features.

Now what you would really like is to let that intelligence interact with your CRM, repair authorization, customer provisioning databases, or other enterprise systems.


Enter Axeda Custom Objects, powered by the Groovy scripting language. Axeda Custom Objects are the joints between Axeda ServiceLink and external systems. This feature allows you to author scripts that push, pull, and reformat information between Axeda and others.

It may be making a REST-based Web call into an entitlement system to determine if a serial number has its warranty paid up. Maybe your service techs will take different action when responding, or not.. .but they'll know. It may be making a SOAP Web Service call to open a ticket in your CRM/ ticketing system. It may be communicating to an expert system to ask if the latest reading for a sensor means an imminent failure. Or maybe it's training such a system. It may be giving your vendor systems a heads up that you need more widgets, based on the usage information that you are receiving from Axeda ServiceLink.

Creaky Joints

To achieve custom behavior, such as integration with enterprise systems or custom algorithms, one would previously have written Java code compiled against our SDK jars, manipulated system configuration files to load the customization, and then iterated this process to test and debug the customization. Later migrations to a new version of Axeda ServiceLink would require careful porting of this customization, and another test/debug cycle.

With scripting with Axeda Custom Objects, the dev-deploy-test,-debug cycles are greatly reduced, and migration efforts can be as simple as smoke-testing the scripts after the system upgrade.

Limber Up

Here's where the human-anatomy-analogy breaks down. Changing a joint between two business systems should not be like replacing your hip. With Axeda Custom Objects (powered by Groovy) and the Axeda SDK, healthy, strong joints are just a few clicks away.

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