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The Importance of VeriSign Security Certification

Posted by Steve Habermas

Aug 5, 2009 12:51:00 PM

In May 2009, we announced that Axeda received VeriSign Security Certification for the third consecutive year. This certification is a result of a comprehensive assessment covering our entire product portfolio and internal processes. 

I'll resist the temptation to elaborate on how proud I am of Axeda's R&D team and instead talk about why this is important to our customers and their customers. 

First, let's briefly review the Axeda solution architecture for Smart ServicesOur customers that manufacture or manage wired assets install an Axeda Agent on or near their assets, which are deployed on their customers' corporate networks. The agent works with the Axeda Enterprise server to provide our customers with two-way, Firewall-Friendly monitoring, communications, and control of asset data and events in real time. With the transmission of data from a customer location to the manufacturer site or into our hosting center, end-to-end security is a must-have requirement! 

Since the company's inception, we have engineered security into our products because we recognized that without rock-solid security, our customers and their customers would not accept Smart Services. The initial VeriSign Certification - the first remote service application to receive this distinction back in 2006 - validated our efforts and gave manufactures third-party validation that Axeda technology was secure and that their customers would willingly accept Smart Services on their networks.

Hundreds of thousands of deployments later and our third VeriSign Security re-certification proves that our solution meets our customers' (e.g., Diebold, EMC, CareFusion, and Comverse) and their end-customers' (e.g., banks, governments, airports, and hospitals) stringent security requirements.

As reflected by this re-certification and our continuous engineering efforts, Axeda focuses on delivering end-to-end secure solutions, enabling our customers to focus on delivering high-value service and support to their customers.

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