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Taming Big M2M Data with Connected Products

Posted by Jeff Healey

Sep 12, 2012 10:03:00 AM

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In the IT industry – particularly data storage and IT equipment manufacturers ― Big Data means big business. Why? Because, according to Forbes, “the potential of Big Data to bring insights and intelligence into enterprises is a strong motivator, where managers are constantly looking for the competitive edge to win in their chosen markets.”

To do that, companies are turning to IT storage manufacturers, such as the Isilon Storage Division of EMC, to store this incredible amount of data for processing and analysis.

In M2M, Isilon is also one of many IT equipment manufacturers  that are contributing to Big Data as they connect thousands of their storage systems to the Internet. These manufacturers rely on M2M application enablement platforms  to handle billions of daily transactions ― everything from files, alarms, location coordinates, temperature readings, and a bevy of other data items.

But similar to their customers (think Wall Street, NASA, media and entertainment giants), Isilon understands that there is value in this deluge of machine data to optimize or M2Mize their business processes. As a manufacturer of IT equipment, just think how valuable it would be for your sales team to understand the performance and utilization of the data storage equipment before their next customer meeting.

Interested in learning just how Isilon is enabling its customers to manage Big Data? Curious to know how they maximize the value of their connected storage systems by integrating data from the Axeda Machine Cloud with

Tune in on Thursday, September 13th, and join Jason Depardo, Director of Technical Support, Isilon Storage Division of EMC for our upcoming Webinar: The Secret to Taming Big M2M Data.

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Is mHealth Vital to Your Business?

Posted by Jeff Healey

Sep 4, 2012 9:09:00 AM

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Last Tuesday, we delivered a joint webinar with GlobalLogic, entitled “Capitalizing on the mHealth Opportunity with Connected Products.” Thanks to all of you who participated. For those of you who could not attend, we encourage you to access the recording.

During the webinar, we detailed the top mHealth business drivers  for product manufacturers and solution providers. GlobalLogic then shared best practices on implementation and concluded with an overview of VitalsNOW, a connected medical device framework based on the Axeda M2M Cloud Service.

Demonstrated at Axeda Connexion ’12, VitalsNOW can help speed up the commercial implementation of your mHealth solution. Use case scenarios range from vital sign monitoring in an ambulatory/home setting to monitoring multiple patients with multiple connected products. The framework supports a variety of medical devices (pulse oximeters to blood pressure monitors to others); custom hardware, cellular modems, and even Androids; leverages the rich functionality of the Axeda Platform; and has built-in functions (device status, reporting, alerts) and supports multiple platforms (Web, PC, tablet, smart phone).

GlobalLogic is available to demonstrate VitalsNOW. If mHealth is vital to your business, we want to hear from you!

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5 Reasons to Capitalize on the mHealth Opportunity with M2M

Posted by Jeff Healey

Aug 23, 2012 1:53:00 PM

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You don’t need to look any further than our daily news headlines for how mHealth (also referred to as mobile health or telemedicine) is shortening the distance between doctors and patients in improving and delivering critical care to the far reaches of the globe.

mHealth is quickly emerging as the fastest-growing M2M segment with these impressive growth estimates:

  • mHealth-related symposiums, conferences, and tradeshows are at record highs. 
  • Google hits for mHealth will more than double from last year to ~300,000 in 2012.
  • mHealth revenues are projected to grow to $32.5 billion globally by 2018 ― up from 13.2 billion in 2011.

With countless life-saving stories involving the elderly and the critically ill, it’s easy to see how mHealth has become such as media darling. But what is the key enabler to mHealth’s success in achieving such hyper growth?

Connected products.

Medical product manufacturers and solution providers view connected products as the key to combating rising costs and generating more revenue by enabling healthcare organizations to extend patient care to more and more remote locations, including households.

With simplified connectivity, cloud-based application platforms, and organizations to create tailored solutions, everything from pill dispensers to dialysis machines to patient monitoring devices and more are becoming connected products.

So, what are five ways in which medical product manufacturers and solution providers are capitalizing on the mHealth opportunity?

  1. Remotely monitor equipment in improving asset uptime and operation (without patient involvement)
  2. Automate the software patch delivery process in reducing costly service visits
  3. Send treatment data directly from the equipment to doctors in delivering real-time information and avoiding patient transport/visits
  4. Monitor solution levels for automated resupply in increasing consumable revenue
  5. Track equipment for improved inventory management and auditing

Interested in learning more? Join Axeda and GlobalLogic for an upcoming Webinar: Capitalizing on the mHealth Opportunity with Connected Products.

Topics: M2M, Connected Products, machine-to-machine, mHealth

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