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M2M in the Spotlight at Dreamforce 2012

Posted by Bill Zujewski

Sep 21, 2012 12:27:00 PM

Axeda plus equals ConnectForce?

I have just returned back to Boston from’s Dreamforce event.  Wow… what a week!  I have seen the future and not only are all products connected to the cloud, they are all connected back to the enterprise…with all that machine data populating records in CRM, ERP and BI systems… enhancing business processes with real-time accurate data of on the health, status and usage of products.

I have to admit, is doing all the right things… not just for their own benefit, but for the benefit of the entire industry.   In fact, Dreamforce has become more than an event, it’s a movement.    In fact, 3 movements simultaneously: all applications will be cloud-based, will work on mobile devices and be social.   And yes, even machines will be social… talking to the social enterprise.

At Axeda, we are very excited about the work we have done with   They have become the preeminent “worker cloud”, and we are driving to be the preeminent “machine cloud”.  Together, 1 + 1 = 3.  The machine cloud will feed the worker cloud to make companies more efficient, more effective, more knowledgeable and more valuable.   In fact, Marc Benioff’s keynote started with a story around GE and how they are collaborating on a 5-year vision with machine data at the heart of the vision:

Marc Benioff Highlights Man, Machines, and Social Networks in Dreamforce Keynote

Salesforce wants to be the company that connects customer, partners and employees… the company that enables them to collaborate and be social to improve communication and knowledge exchange.   And now they want to be the company that connects products and machine data as well.  (See slide below from Keynote).  The one hole in his keynote… he fails to say “How”.   That’s where Axeda comes in.   As this connected social enterprise vision becomes a reality, companies will need a solution to manage their connected products… a category of solution we call “Connected Product Management”.   It’s what we do and have done for the last decade.  Thank you Mr. Benioff for bringing so much attention to our market.  The Axeda Machine Cloud is ready.


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