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I Speak for the Trees! (The Lorax, M2M, and the Cloud)

Posted by Dale Calder

Nov 9, 2011 12:21:00 PM

The LoraxYou may ask, what one of Dr. Seuss’s most popular stories has to do with M2M? If you don’t know The Lorax – your childhood was incomplete, check out Wikipedia for some background.

Now to my story…

It all starts simply enough. The other day, I was doing one my favorite activities - web site hopping, when I happened upon a Wikipedia article on “Cloud Computing”. (Believe it or not, I actually do this for fun.) In any case, I was reading the article when the following image caught my attention.  

Cloud Computing
Figure 1 - Cloud Computing - Wikipedia

Take a close look and tell me if you can tell what is missing from this picture? I’ll even give you a hint – look at the stuff on the outside…

Missing from Wikipedia’s definition is the real world.  
This diagram implies that all cloud computing interactions come from people through their favorite computing devices. A machine or device communicating with the cloud is nowhere to be found.  

How could Wiki possibly forget the machines? Haven’t they seen the predictions? TRILLIONS of machines just waiting to join the cloud!

So it made me think? Is this some humanist plot! An effort to hold the machines down! Didn’t they see the Terminator and Matrix movie franchises – this type of behavior does not end well.

Perhaps, instead of a species-wide conspiracy, we just forgot? Is this possible? Could we actually forget that machines exist? After all, where we would be without the machines? Still living in caves and using a flint to start fire – no doubt! Wasn’t it machines that powered the amazing productivity gains we have enjoyed for the past 100 years? I really like running water, electricity, heat, refrigerators, cars… Could we really have forgotten them?

Maybe, maybe not.

But whatever the reason for this oversight, a simple fact remains that in 10 years machines will dominate the cloud. Their voices are joining the conversation. Instead of laboring silently in their factories, hospitals, homes and fields, they will be communicating with each other and with us. They will be coordinated, organized, and efficient and will power the next 100 years of productivity improvements.

So to Wikipedia – I say: I SPEAK for the MACHINES!

They belong in your diagram and deserve a special place in our conscience!

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