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Machines - Embracing the Network Effect

Posted by Dale Calder

Jun 9, 2011 5:24:00 PM

Yesterday, I had the privilege of keynoting Axeda Connexion 2011 – properly coined “The M2M Event of the Year”.   I joined a knockout group of M2M industry luminaries, including Eric Goodness of Gartner, Chris Hill from AT&T, and Wayne Ward from Sprint, in discussing both the present and future state of the M2M industry.

I found that each of the primary keynotes had an amazingly consistent message:

• M2M is massive
• M2M is here now
• The Cloud will play a huge role in M2M

Drawing a correlation between the Network Effect, the cloud, and social networks, I focused on the importance of the cloud in propagation of M2M data to as many users as possible.  

So select points from my keynote…M2M

“The M2M industry compares very favorably to the social networking industry:
• LinkedIn is seeking to connect every professional in the world - > 1 billion people.
• Facebook counts every Internet user in the world as a potential user -> currently greater than 2 billion and growing every day.

But with more than 7 trillion machines to connect, M2M dwarfs them both. “

“It is the wide consumption of M2M data and its millions of users that will create the virtuous cycle that will enable the M2M industry to become the next social networking of technology…. “

“The cloud provides a place where M2M information can be aggregated, analyzed, and distributed. Its ubiquity enables massive consumption of information on an unimaginably large scale.”

“The Axeda Platform … is built to acquire the vast quantities of M2M information that our machines and devices communicate, process it, and enable its consumption.   Without the ability to seamlessly consume the tons of M2M information we create, the power of the network effect is not unleashed. “

In my next blog, I will share more from my keynote and discuss more about how the cloud unleashes the network effect for M2M.

Stay tuned.

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