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Firefly, Middlemen, Cloud & M2M

Posted by Dale Calder

May 20, 2011 3:58:00 PM

I was watching an old science fiction show, Firefly, this weekend with my Fireflydaughter and heard the following: 

About 50% of the human race is middle-men and they don't take kindly to being eliminated”

Now I have no idea if this proclamation is based on fact or just a number made up by the scriptwriter, I assume the latter, but it resonated with me anyway. 

What if computing and automation could eliminate this layer of organizational inefficiency - ENTIRELY? 

Now, I know what you are thinking, computing has been trying to eliminate the middleman for over 30-years — with failed results I might add.   Each successive generation of computing has built upon the challenges and shortcomings of the previous.   Mainframes led to mini computers that in turn led desktops.   Client / server systems let backend systems and desktops work together.   The web made it all easier.   But each of these forms of computing fell short of producing the kind of innovation that enabled the elimination of the middleman.

That brings me to cloud.   In this new era of cloud computing we have some unique ingredients that open the door to value creation beyond what we have seen in our lifetime.

Cloud computing is flexible and open.   All the types of computing up to this phase were characterized by propriety software systems with archaic ways of extensibility and integration.  Tried to extend you SAP system lately?  Ouch!

Cloud computing has at its foundation Web Services.   Web Services are open and flexible ways to have things talk to each other.

Cloud platforms are now infinitely extensible.   These cloud platforms can:

  • Listen to anything – machine, process, business system, human. 
  • Trigger rules and code to run that analyze real-time streams of information.
  • Provide you with the ability to store information in any way you want it.
  • Enable you to develop code and web services that are stored as data within the cloud system itself.  

In short, you can interact with and extend the system to do anything you want.  All on top of a world-class professionally hosted and operated cloud platform.

I am so excited about this development because now for the first time, you have the perfect business orchestration platform.

Middlemen, beware, your days are numbered. 

Shameless plug of the day – Axeda has a platform that does just this - check it out at or if you are more curious join us at Axeda Connexion (June 7-10) for a deep dive…


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